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floor lamp Arco Flos 1

The 10 most iconic floor lamps

The choice is huge. This certainly applies to lamps. There are so many lamps designed that I limit myself to the floor lamp in this blog. The floor lamp is ideal for the living room, but is certainly not out of place in the hall or bedroom.

The Most Iconic Design Office Chairs
Office Chairs

The Most Iconic Design Office Chairs

Since the first office chairs saw the light of day – Charles Darwin attached wheels under his chair in 1840 to make it easier to

Corbusier lc4 chaise lounge
Lounge Chairs

The Most Iconic Chaises Longues

The concept of the chaises longues has a long history. The relaxation furniture can already be found among the Romans, the Greeks and the Egyptians.

The Most Iconic Design Lounge Chairs
Lounge Chairs

The Most Iconic Design Lounge Chairs

Twenty years ago, lounging became fashion, yet the most stylish seats were designed more than six decades ago. From the Egg Chair to the Ribbon


Best known design from Eames to Newson

This week, architects and design enthusiasts will have a great time in Rotterdam, where the Design District trade fair will be held from 5 to 7 June.

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Chaise lounge
Le Corbusier

Lounge Fauteuil
Alfredo Häberli

Josef Hoffmann

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